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  • Personna - No. 997 Personna® Deep Hook Blades (10) - Mezquite Installations
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No. 997 Personna® Deep Hook Blades (10) .025 DEEP

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Includes a pack of 10 Personna® deep hook blades. The hook shape keeps the cutting edge off the floor when cutting over concrete. They are also good for following score lines in linoleum and making long rough cuts in sheet vinyl materials. They can be used in most utility knives and any of the following Crain tools: No. 189 Hook Handle Utility Knife, No. 247 Multi-Purpose Wall Trimmer, No. 265 Stand-Up Cutter, No. 727 Delphin Knife, No. 728 Folding Utility Knife, No. 730 Utility Knife, and No. 732 Extra-Grip Utility Knife. Blade dimensions: length: 2.0", width: .75", thickness: .025". Pack weight: 2 oz.