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  • 6' EZ Moves (2/set) No. 936 - Mezquite Installations
  • 6' EZ Moves (2/set) No. 936 - Mezquite Installations
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6' EZ Moves (2/set) No. 936

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EZ Moves are best for moving appliances and large furniture without legs. Their long length allows easy placement under hard-to-reach areas where the use of shorter skids is not possible. Simply tilt or lift one end of the item to be moved and position a skid, repeat for the other end and push the item where you want it moved. These skids have a 1/4" thick nonslip foam rubber top, and an extra smooth plastic bottom, to glide effortlessly across all types of floor covering. A grommet hole is provided in each end to allow easy moving of the skids with the Nos. PH-1 Pull Handles or PS-1 Pull Straps. Supplied with instructions.