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  • No. 236 3" Disposable Cove Base Nozzle - Mezquite Installations
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No. 236 3" Disposable Cove Base Nozzle

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These inexpensive 3" disposable cove nozzles fit over the applicator tip of common base adhesive cartridges. They evenly spread three beads of adhesive for optimal application onto 3" wide cove base. The three holes are spaced to apply adhesive so that adhesion is maximized and overflow from the edges of the base is minimized. The hole diameters are sized to ensure that an equal amount of glue is dispensed from each hole. The end flange fits behind the nozzle slot of most popular guns and prevents the nozzle from coming off the cartridge tip. Includes one each disposable nozzle. Net weight: 1 oz.